Surround yourself with positive people: Goodbye criticisms

positive people, goodbye criticisms

Surround yourself with positive people: Goodbye criticisms

“With the rocks that critics throw at you
with harsh intents you can build a monument.”


Criticism, what they say about my behavior and attitudes or words that often end up being a burden on our behavior, generating insecurity, lack of faith in ourselves, undermining self-esteem and, ultimately, making being happy and being well, it’s a task increasingly difficult. Everyone, for different reasons, have always been and will be criticized. We not deny that some may be true… but it is not that what this is about, but those repetitive critics that every day attack us with something, who does nothing but give us negative opinions or compulsive envy that we often generated without intention. So surround yourself with positive people: goodbye criticisms, it is the best remedy to this situation.

Although apparently the criticism we received let them go, we accumulate them in our subconscious and is necessary to sweep all that unfair garbage that has been introduced within us. We may not realize it, but always, this accumulation of negative messages, finally emerges by our conscious and determine opinions or attitudes that before, we took quite naturally and with conviction. We must learn to surround ourselves with positive people, people that create and expand positivity. But what happens when we have the subconscious with such accumulation of negative messages that we are beginning to notice a change in our behavior? Maybe we say an “I’m not like that,” and try to convince ourselves that everything they say is a lie. But thoughts are recurring, as if it pursued us like a shadow… it’s time to run a thorough cleaning. A cleansing that SUBLIMINAL ONLINE specializes in making. Why not do it if we have it in the “shopping cart” of possible actions we can do for the good of ourselves?

What do we mean by “clean”? It’s just a way to express, pull out everything negative of your subconscious, that has been filtered as happens with moisture or a small, imperceptible leak; transforming them into positive thoughts. This is what the subliminal audios do: a specific audio or relaxation sound mixed with information that you want to reach your subconscious mind. It will help you to clear your inner of all that accumulated weight of ideas or unfounded fears that have started to become a problem of conduct, in an existential discomfort. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it is a method of extraordinary results. Your conscious mind will only perceive the melody but neither will realize the information you’re sending to your subconscious. Basically that’s how subliminal audios work.

We can be, feel, and act with greater self-satisfaction. Make of the “yes” or “no” a mechanism of self-protection. Be less vulnerable to criticism. Learn that, by way of example, if someone criticizes us for something we see that it is unfair, just ask… “In what sense are you telling me?” Only with that phrase, we see how he starts to doubt. It is the disintegration of spoken language that so easily we have become interested in our modern world. The example of the actions, of the facts, which are what they should “speak” for themselves, it has been relegated to the background. And it should not be. Words can be a sharp dagger that at first we may believe we avoided it, but it can also leave a deep wound in our subconscious that makes us more difficult to live. So we have to surround ourselves with positive people, strengthen the positive messages, images that cause us pleasure, memories that wake us happiness. If it’s time to thoroughly clean our mind, is not to doubt, as the renewed atmosphere from within ourselves with the passage of time will be extended to cover all spaces, all spaces of our minds and become more positive, confident, authentic beyond that of “whatever they say” the distributors of envy and negativity.

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