Living in freedom

Living in freedom

Living in freedom

The fact of living in society makes us partakers of all, we are a social “whole” where are our values, our morals, is that accumulated throughout life that make us who we are individually, but it’s important to remember, my right as my freedom ends where the right or freedom of others begins. This is living, living in freedom. So we shouldn’t let the negative thoughts, irrational disqualifying opinions, the excessive criticism or endless discussions ruin the wellbeing we deserve.

Like it or not, in our mental substrate, in our subconscious, we have plenty of material, let’s call it ideas, thoughts. And surely, it may have brought us more than one bad moment when we have said or reacted to an opinion. But we must learn to make our subconscious doesn’t betray us and stay with our principles and values, which, surely will match more or less with certain positions or opinions. What is truly important is live in harmony with the greatest numbers of people possible. The inner peace that we always look for, it’s the same for a collective peace.
At SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, we work for your individual and unique “I”, for your healthy subconscious and at peace with the surroundings, whatever “the others” think. You have every right to your own thoughts, neat and clean, taking a safe distance from the multiple messages we get.

The subliminal audio messages help you finding the best ideas for your own consumption, and often, collaborate to share it with others around you. But, without this becomes a frustration drama or being misunderstood. The best ideology is to be confident. That our subconscious doesn’t produce electric shocks that lead us to conflicts, often irreparable.

The subliminal audio messages act as an insulator preventing, at least on our side, generate coexistence shorts, often, even with our family members.

You can be part of the responsible public opinion, live harmoniously in a society with our neighbors. It’s a matter of persevering in the effort to organize our ideas to give us a broader view of thoughts plurality and action around us. We can’t force everyone to be like us, but they can’t force us to be like them. That is called freedom. And freedom is not entirely free if it’s conditioned by a subconscious that has a disorganized matter, a chaos that doesn’t settle for anything or in other cases, settle for everything. This freedom to choose is what makes us free, free beyond any ideas, but doesn’t stop us from being good people and better citizens at the time of being what we are. So we invite you to try. Try our subliminal audio messages right now!

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