Overcome your fears subliminal audio messages

Overcome your fears

We are very afraid to be afraid. But like all animals, humans are inevitably linked to this emotion. To the dictionary is "a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, or real pain or imaginary." We can list countless fears in all kind of situations, so many that we can feel what is called terror. But this emotion that helps us survive, generating a lot of brain and chemical reactions, as well as physical in us, becomes a difficult problem, [...]

positive people, goodbye criticisms

Surround yourself with positive people: Goodbye criticisms

"With the rocks that critics throw at you with harsh intents you can build a monument."Kant Criticism, what they say about my behavior and attitudes or words that often end up being a burden on our behavior, generating insecurity, lack of faith in ourselves, undermining self-esteem and, ultimately, making being happy and being well, it's a task increasingly difficult. Everyone, for different reasons, have always been and will be criticized. We not deny that some may be true... but it is [...]


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