Overcome your fears subliminal audio messages

Overcome your fears

We are very afraid to be afraid. But like all animals, humans are inevitably linked to this emotion. To the dictionary is “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, or real pain or imaginary.” We can list countless fears in all kind of situations, so many that we can feel what is called terror. But this emotion that helps us survive, generating a lot of brain and chemical reactions, as well as physical in us, becomes a difficult problem, conscious or unconscious that we talk about fear itself. This creates anxiety and starts attacking fully self-esteem up to destroy the quality of life that we might have by staying incredibly “paralyzed” at nothing -no more and no less -, than ourselves.


Sure you can heal. Fear works based on installed mental patterns especially in our subconscious that makes us doubt our self and its possibilities. It is a “cell” where we are in a prison, contradictorily, can only be opened from the inside. There are the beliefs and thoughts that lead us to a “dysfunctional” mode, i.e., the fact or phenomenon that produces contrary consequences to the proper functioning of a particular system. It is complex. But it is also something that who sufferer lives with a drama often incomprehensible to those around but affects any attempt of a pleasant relationship with others and generates negative thoughts and actions toward ourselves. The origins can be of the most varied, but the anxiety that caused the lack of self-esteem can only be solved if we expand our inner resources, to have faith and believe in our chances. Is to seek by all means emergency exits … that is always in our subconscious although consciously isn’t so obvious.


One of those emergency exits is knowing how to act intelligently. Know when to take out the courage hidden obscured by some real reasons but more for reasons that have penetrated deep into our minds. We must cultivate gradually, emotional relationships that give us more confidence. These relationships can even start with the love of a pet or growing flowers. For just as there are mechanisms “stressors” that paralyze us also there are mechanisms “motivators” that push us out of the cell. We are, often, a turn of the key to open the door of the cell where we are unjustly convicted. Fear itself can be a trauma, but rethink and dramatize the traumatic events and make a positive approach to new learning is not reliving the traumatic, on the contrary, it is to seek the light that shows us where the exit might be. It is nothing more – and nothing less, again -, that getting out of ourselves winning a fight against our own self, knowing that we have the tools in ourselves and what we need is knowledge, power, wanting to activate them … using without fear, all the mechanisms that although they may seem the opposite of a clinical or psychological test, in an existential experiment developed by ourselves. Just as we are what we are and we become better than we were: Making a renewed self, creative and strong, capable of letting behind the worst fears within all possible fears, the one of oneself. Our mind is infinitely flexible and responsive to stimuli renewed. But we should encourage, nurture, test and implement the heroism of improving ourselves despite, precisely, ourselves.

positive people, goodbye criticisms

Surround yourself with positive people: Goodbye criticisms

“With the rocks that critics throw at you
with harsh intents you can build a monument.”


Criticism, what they say about my behavior and attitudes or words that often end up being a burden on our behavior, generating insecurity, lack of faith in ourselves, undermining self-esteem and, ultimately, making being happy and being well, it’s a task increasingly difficult. Everyone, for different reasons, have always been and will be criticized. We not deny that some may be true… but it is not that what this is about, but those repetitive critics that every day attack us with something, who does nothing but give us negative opinions or compulsive envy that we often generated without intention. So surround yourself with positive people: goodbye criticisms, it is the best remedy to this situation.

Although apparently the criticism we received let them go, we accumulate them in our subconscious and is necessary to sweep all that unfair garbage that has been introduced within us. We may not realize it, but always, this accumulation of negative messages, finally emerges by our conscious and determine opinions or attitudes that before, we took quite naturally and with conviction. We must learn to surround ourselves with positive people, people that create and expand positivity. But what happens when we have the subconscious with such accumulation of negative messages that we are beginning to notice a change in our behavior? Maybe we say an “I’m not like that,” and try to convince ourselves that everything they say is a lie. But thoughts are recurring, as if it pursued us like a shadow… it’s time to run a thorough cleaning. A cleansing that SUBLIMINAL ONLINE specializes in making. Why not do it if we have it in the “shopping cart” of possible actions we can do for the good of ourselves?

What do we mean by “clean”? It’s just a way to express, pull out everything negative of your subconscious, that has been filtered as happens with moisture or a small, imperceptible leak; transforming them into positive thoughts. This is what the subliminal audios do: a specific audio or relaxation sound mixed with information that you want to reach your subconscious mind. It will help you to clear your inner of all that accumulated weight of ideas or unfounded fears that have started to become a problem of conduct, in an existential discomfort. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it is a method of extraordinary results. Your conscious mind will only perceive the melody but neither will realize the information you’re sending to your subconscious. Basically that’s how subliminal audios work.

We can be, feel, and act with greater self-satisfaction. Make of the “yes” or “no” a mechanism of self-protection. Be less vulnerable to criticism. Learn that, by way of example, if someone criticizes us for something we see that it is unfair, just ask… “In what sense are you telling me?” Only with that phrase, we see how he starts to doubt. It is the disintegration of spoken language that so easily we have become interested in our modern world. The example of the actions, of the facts, which are what they should “speak” for themselves, it has been relegated to the background. And it should not be. Words can be a sharp dagger that at first we may believe we avoided it, but it can also leave a deep wound in our subconscious that makes us more difficult to live. So we have to surround ourselves with positive people, strengthen the positive messages, images that cause us pleasure, memories that wake us happiness. If it’s time to thoroughly clean our mind, is not to doubt, as the renewed atmosphere from within ourselves with the passage of time will be extended to cover all spaces, all spaces of our minds and become more positive, confident, authentic beyond that of “whatever they say” the distributors of envy and negativity.

Living in freedom

Living in freedom

The fact of living in society makes us partakers of all, we are a social “whole” where are our values, our morals, is that accumulated throughout life that make us who we are individually, but it’s important to remember, my right as my freedom ends where the right or freedom of others begins. This is living, living in freedom. So we shouldn’t let the negative thoughts, irrational disqualifying opinions, the excessive criticism or endless discussions ruin the wellbeing we deserve.

Like it or not, in our mental substrate, in our subconscious, we have plenty of material, let’s call it ideas, thoughts. And surely, it may have brought us more than one bad moment when we have said or reacted to an opinion. But we must learn to make our subconscious doesn’t betray us and stay with our principles and values, which, surely will match more or less with certain positions or opinions. What is truly important is live in harmony with the greatest numbers of people possible. The inner peace that we always look for, it’s the same for a collective peace.
At SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, we work for your individual and unique “I”, for your healthy subconscious and at peace with the surroundings, whatever “the others” think. You have every right to your own thoughts, neat and clean, taking a safe distance from the multiple messages we get.

The subliminal audio messages help you finding the best ideas for your own consumption, and often, collaborate to share it with others around you. But, without this becomes a frustration drama or being misunderstood. The best ideology is to be confident. That our subconscious doesn’t produce electric shocks that lead us to conflicts, often irreparable.

The subliminal audio messages act as an insulator preventing, at least on our side, generate coexistence shorts, often, even with our family members.

You can be part of the responsible public opinion, live harmoniously in a society with our neighbors. It’s a matter of persevering in the effort to organize our ideas to give us a broader view of thoughts plurality and action around us. We can’t force everyone to be like us, but they can’t force us to be like them. That is called freedom. And freedom is not entirely free if it’s conditioned by a subconscious that has a disorganized matter, a chaos that doesn’t settle for anything or in other cases, settle for everything. This freedom to choose is what makes us free, free beyond any ideas, but doesn’t stop us from being good people and better citizens at the time of being what we are. So we invite you to try. Try our subliminal audio messages right now!

How to overcome sadness

How to overcome sadness?

Sad memories, a page we often want to remove of our lives book, is something that tends to haunt us and make our life sad, bitter, and nostalgic. It seems incredible, but these sad memories, as most scholars confirm, produce several type alterations in over 70 brain regions. And if they do in areas that can be observed by scanning our brain behavior, it’s clear that our subconscious is inhabited by the most diverse sad memories. Emotional displays always leave a trace, deep within our brain or conscious mind. How to overcome sadness, you may ask, with the firm conviction to change our behaviors, beliefs and learned habits.
The important thing is that feeling of sadness can be modified. Subliminal audio messages don’t remove the memories, but overlap cheerful, and pleasant memories, by acting and encouraging a different attitude of our mind, making us skip the sad pages, as Wilde suggests, and focus attention on the most positive pages.
Positive affirmations mixed with other soothing sounds, which you won’t hear consciously, but they are there although you don’t perceive them, activate all our subconscious receptors, and bit by bit, it takes us to a more positive mental state. As we know, positive mental states generate in all our being, whether consciously or unconsciously, on our physical condition… in our life, a multiplier effect that moves us, that guide us toward the horizon, which makes us forget the haunting night, to chase down the sun and the horizon of life, the real one we see every day. As you know in SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, we work to finally convince your subconscious. It’s not a medication, but cure. It’s make the positivity enter in our minds, that for various reasons, our self, or our environment, they do not. And learn how to overcome sadness, it’s one of our purposes.

Every pain, every unpleasant memory, each persistent sadness is in our mind. The loss of a loved one is usually one of the biggest triggers of sadness, and usually from there a long and painful sad memory. It is a page that all have to read, are even, life chapters we have to live. Do not forget this is a feeling, not an emotion. Emotions originate in the more conscious levels of our mind, but the feelings sink into the subconscious, and we run the risk of getting stuck in them and give large part of our existence to bitterness.

These states of sensitivity, where the well-meaning attempts to comfort from family and friends. When memories are more vivid than ever, help our emotional state, of course, but the subconscious mind will continue emitting signals and our conscious will pick up memories surrounded by sadness or generators of sad thoughts and much more when we put up barriers and even reject those who want to advise us. These are real situations where we act or react in self-defense. It’s a defense mechanism. The subliminal audio messages are an attack mechanism, soft and relaxing attack amending the impulses coming from our subconscious. Our inner peace is priceless. Beyond the situations we have to live, we must seek by all means reconciliation with life, with our existence, in the midst of a world that, even if we want to escape, often overtakes us with its destructive conflicts. Therefore, these subliminal audio messages, made as a subconscious mechanism to attack what assaults them, they become a powerful defense mechanism against each and every one of the facts that hurt our mind and move to the behavior in life itself. Turn the page to be happy.

Attract the love of your life Subliminal audio messages

Attract the love of your life

Love… love couple, love between humans. It’s hard to define love when it comes to that general movement of our mind and body. But of one thing we can be certain, this feeling associated with affection and attachment, mutual attraction, produces the most varied emotions, attitudes and experiences that penetrate deep into the human being. Attract the love of your life, but first you must learn to love yourself… It’s interesting, stepping back a bit from scientific concepts but getting closer to common sense, borrowing some John Lennon phrases, when he says ” They made us believe that each one of us is the half of an orange, and that life only makes sense when you find that other half. They did not tell us that we were born as whole, and that no-one in our lives deserve to carry on his back such responsibility of completing what is missing on us”.

In this case we’ll talk of romantic love; attract the love of your life, that love which you dream of… It’s true, the pursuit of “feel complete”, that is, been fulfilled existentially does not end in the human couple, and must be met each day with new actions or new thoughts. Certainly, romantic love is one of the emotions or feelings that put to “work” our subconscious mind the most. It is clear, when we talk about all the love we feel, is not hosted in our rational side, but has high degree of spontaneity that comes from a multitude of factors coming as messages and make us act and think as we do. The so-called “honeymoon” over time begins to fill with routines, habits, differences, many of them, unique from each person – it shouldn’t – its personality and freedom, quite the opposite, add up the differences, to make the human couple a dialog history.

But not everything always goes as we want, and we start feeling it, to think, to observe “noises”, which in different ways affect the relationship. Here we don’t rule that love has ended or the differences are insurmountable and lead to a breakup, but we do mean that, often, our subconscious mind is sending us messages that stand to a clean, healthy and constructive dialogue. That’s why, the subliminal audio messages we provide from SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, refers to the possibility of rediscover curiosity and the pleasure of a human bond that lasts over time. Attract the love of your life, listening daily. SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, is an enthusiasm generator. And in love, enthusiasm has an irreplaceable role, so we must not lose it, despite the passing of time, for difficulties or conflicts. If this happens, consciously or unconsciously, we are ruining the bond dialogue -in the broadest way we can use this word – and with it the relationship and love couple.

Every love story is unique, as it is unique the accumulation of concepts, ideas, judgments or prejudices accumulated in our subconscious mind since childhood … since we listened, perhaps, tell our parents they loved, and from there the individual experiences of all kinds lead us to the current situation. These positive affirmations are tasked to search through all this intermingled history with the passage of time and people, everything that is positive to revive love. Often, a simple insecurity has become a sea of insecurities. The subliminal audio messages, heard subconsciously, can make us see reality differently, in its true dimension. The stimulus of positive affirmations generates messages and positive action, and only on positive attitudes and dialogues, love produces and generate love, even in broad daylight without hiding, paraphrasing John Lennon.

Physical cds subliminal audios
Physical cds subliminal audios

Physical CDs, subliminal audios, now available for sale

From now on, you can have your physical CD, you can make a great gift, listen the CD in your car stereo or home salon.
It’s simple, following the steps of a common purchase, choose your audio, displays format options and select physical CD. Fill the form with your personal data for delivery, and very important of course, full address with zip code, city and country.

We ship worldwide by certified delivery mandatory, so you have the certainty and guarantee you will receive your package without problems. If the purchase is more than one unit, you will be charged a single amount for the shipment. When will you receive your order? We do not know exactly, because it may vary depending of the destination country.
With the shipping proof you can track the package yourself.

Once done the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the same digital audio you purchased. So you don’t have to wait to receive your package and you can enjoy it, from that very moment.

Physical CDs subliminal audios

emotions how they are generated

EMOTIONS: how they are generated and controlled by subliminal messages

Discussing emotions is to enter an incredible world made of what our mind makes us feel, think, do. But… How do we generate and control our emotions? It’s difficult to define. To summarize, we can say that emotions as reactions represent our way of adapting to certain stimuli we receive when our mind perceives objects, persons, events, places or memories which have impacted our lives. Emotions, for good or ill, alter our behavior.

To cry whether from pain or joy is the physical expression of an emotion that before turning to tears has already plunged the most varied associations into our subconscious. Because of how they affect a person’s health, in this case we are interested in negative emotions. There are people trapped inside a labyrinth of negative emotions which can be changed into positive, constructive and cheerful ones. They will help change anxiety, fear, irritability and anger. This is the work you need to do with your mind, in a way that makes associations take you towards the positive while blocking those that are unpleasant. Emotions, if we divide them in two poles, will always be present within our subconscious, we can’t erase them… they are the “what” and “how” of our life.

This simple therapy, what we work with and recommend here at SUBLIMINAL ONLINE, guarantees you an unparalleled mastery of your emotions. It’s this simple: Silent subliminal audios are modified so you can listen to them normally, with music or relaxing sounds and for the purpose of making the conscious mind unaware of them so it may not damage the intention of reaching our deep subconscious. These subliminal messages are codified and perceived by the subconscious mind, capable of achieving the objective or purpose we want. It is important that you acknowledge that not because these audios are not to be listened to normally they are nothing. On the contrary, they are positive affirmations which generate a healthy, energetic attitude towards an improved personal wellbeing state and, therefore, towards your surroundings. A positive mental attitude guarantees better health.

The spiritual or psychological state of a person appears as a series of feelings and emotions that have their roots in our concrete experiences. A particular history, culture or specific environment. We want to generate a “commitment” between serenity and ambition. What we usually call… pulling through. Meaning, start to silence interventions from the “saboteur” who gets us lost in the labyrinth of our emotions. Start believing and creating experiences that help you feel alive. Be bold when erasing annoying barriers and impositions. Start trusting open talk. Initiative. A taste for challenges. Openness to learning. Restore pride in being oneself with controlled emotions and with more positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes. This is possible. Easily possible.
An enhancing emotional state: Have a FIRM INTENTION of achieving these changes, since this way you will be moving all your energy in the same direction, obtaining faster and more efficient results. You must manifest this intention with small, daily actions that move you closer towards your objective.
Comply with the program. This refers basically to keeping up with daily listening of the audios with subliminal messages. You don’t require further effort. You don’t need to know how to meditate, do yoga or any sort of exercises… You simply have to listen to the subliminal audio and nothing more. We must understand subliminal audio as a powerful tool and not as an absolute solution. Imagine the power it has… To directly reach the deepest part of your mind and change the beliefs that stop you from reaching what you wish to achieve.

Change your thoughts and behaviors

Change your thoughts and behaviors, Learn how to!

The hardest thing to learn in life is
which bridge to cross and which to burn.
Bertrand Russell

If we know something at Subliminal Online, it’s that you can change your thoughts and behaviors. Through constant practice, you can learn how to do it.
Our brain is capable of, during mental processes, let’s say, of making our head “work”, processing data subconsciously at more or less 11.000.000 bytes/second. But when dealing with rational processes, that is to say, when we are thinking consciously, our limit is more or less 50 bytes/second. Don’t worry. We won’t talk about the complexity of our brain and the ever discussed process of how much information we are capable of storing. We simply want to say that, for example, the rational part is like a quick reference manual, small, compared to the encyclopedia that constitutes our subconscious.
That is why subliminal messages are more easily associated with other data already stored in our subconscious and together they generate a greater learning process. So it is capable of generating change in our thoughts and behaviors very effectively. Therefore, our subliminal audios are a method for learning, schooling yourself, transforming, experimenting, try out, delving and then practicing.
We must think of the power of learning as a road that is tread amidst all that happens within yourself and around you. Learning is related to basic needs and also to those specific to a person. Education, in this case through subliminal media, will take us to the very real need of taking it to the rational level and acting upon it. Meaning, we go from passivity to action. Why not learn how to acquire new attitudes to improve our lives!

At Subliminal Online we work constantly to encourage evolving, growth and actions or practices related to learning and knowledge of ourselves, to help us become better people with better attitudes which can improve our surroundings as well. First comes the “deep self” of our subconscious and then, almost naturally, our “rational and conscious self”. It’s your responsibility to collaborate with yourself to improve your situation, emphasizing positive thought over yourself and the reality surrounding you.

What we propose you learn is, nothing less than, improvement of your habits, styles or ways of mentally acting or processing what happens during the different situations you have to live through. Enjoyment of experiencing sensations and doing interesting things. Being a responsible and receptive person, active, someone who observes and evaluates things. Trusting your intuition and feelings about being able to try new attitudes and behaviors in life.
Subliminal messages are not “brain washing”. You will not stop being “yourself” to become “someone else”. You will be yourself. We can learn to be more authentic and to put out the best in ourselves so we can feel happier. We’ve said it already, it is not magic or anything supernatural or mysterious and much less something harmful to your mind. It’s about receiving information, learning without realizing it, so that, little by little, change can begin to seem possible, by doing or abstaining, without letting it turn you into a person unrecognizable to yourself or to others. On the contrary, it will turn you into a model of authenticity of what you really are and what you have, surely fought for, for so long and in different ways. It is possible. Of course it is. It is as possible as being happy.

Happiness subliminal audio messages

Happiness and subliminal audio messages.

“Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.
Mahatma Gandhi

Surely writing and theorizing about happiness is one of the most talked of topics. It has also had an enormous quantity of proposed methods on obtaining it including the use of subliminal audio messages. It isn’t by chance that Gandhi’s worlds have been so popular, given that he is someone who revolutionized the ideas of happiness and peace through detachment from all things except reflection, observation and the word. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Conversely, it is the motive of great unhappiness, as in the pursuit of happiness we sometimes end up destroying the happiest moments we could enjoy. Being happy is not a constant state, frozen in time. It is the total sum of moments that result in your own wellbeing. Happiness and subliminal audio messages are closely related. Try to use our programs and you will see changes in your life!

If something permanently “sabotages” possibly happy moments, your happiness in fact, it is our subconscious. It keeps feeding a large series of ideas or concepts that make us believe a reality of not being happy. We have come to ridiculously, for example, associate, through publicity, this state of harmony with a drop of perfume, a cup of coffee, a car… associations which are also introduced into our subconscious. The happiness they are selling is fictional and unsatisfactory and not what they want us to believe. How to begin finding happiness within ourselves?

In SUBLIMINAL ONLINE we work in the creation of subliminal audio messages that start by selecting positive affirmation to be used in the audio. We perform extensive searches on each topic so we can focus better our affirmations. We look for possible blocks that may be affecting people who can’t achieve a certain goal in their field. To search for these blocks we have the aid of research made on techniques and therapies such as biodecoding, PNL, advances in neuro-science, spiritual reflection…

Our search for the correct positive affirmations is key to producing the best performance for subliminal audio. That’s what we do… what about you? At the first moment you can, in the most comfortable way possible, listen to these relaxing sounds and in the “undercurrent” to the affirmations which will begin prodding your subconscious to new and better realities… to being happy. That’s what we are about. That’s what we do. Looking for these sounds and words is a task for professionals. Your choice to listen, just listen, is a task for your will.

With focus and willingness, surely, you have come to read the great amount of advice on being happy. And it’s not that they aren’t right. The problem lies in how they remain only your peripheral memory. They’ve ended up in the depths of your long lost memories of unacheived goals or simply, nothing has changed. It’s different to subliminally “listen to”, without hearing, transformative positive affirmations from the source on which your consciousness feeds to assess your degrees of happiness.

Surely you’ve read about “opening your mind” or about “forgetting the labels you’ve been assigned”. “Abandoning fear and excuses”. That you mustn’t “resist change” or that “you must both forget about criticizing and give up on your need to impress others”… and so the list goes on. It’s not bad and it’s true. All of this is necessary for self-realization. But unhappiness may have more profound roots, some we may be carrying ever since the very first moments of our existence. NOT EVERYTHING IN OUR SUBCONSCIOUS IS BAD, but subliminal audio messages cause a generalized movement in what we may call, to simplify, our unconscious nervous system. They help in strengthening all the good and little by little come to weaken that which paralyzes us, which brings us fear or takes from us the possibility of simply being happy, with very little. It doesn’t take much outside us to achieve it, but it does take a lot from within us. Most of it is in our subconscious, tying us down and stopping us from living our happy moments. It stops us from accumulating those situations and sensations which allow us to say and feel, when looking into the mirror of life, that we are truly happy. Trying this method will be of itself a motivation for relaxing, for peace and a great degree of happiness. We want you to start today…


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