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Overcome your fears subliminal audio messages

Overcome your fears

We are very afraid to be afraid. But like all animals, humans are inevitably linked to this emotion. To the dictionary is “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, or real pain or imaginary.” We can list countless fears in all kind of situations, so many that we can feel what is called terror. But this emotion that helps us survive, generating a lot of brain and chemical reactions, as well as physical in us, becomes a difficult problem, conscious or unconscious that we talk about fear itself. This creates anxiety and starts attacking fully self-esteem up to destroy the quality of life that we might have by staying incredibly “paralyzed” at nothing -no more and no less -, than ourselves.


Sure you can heal. Fear works based on installed mental patterns especially in our subconscious that makes us doubt our self and its possibilities. It is a “cell” where we are in a prison, contradictorily, can only be opened from the inside. There are the beliefs and thoughts that lead us to a “dysfunctional” mode, i.e., the fact or phenomenon that produces contrary consequences to the proper functioning of a particular system. It is complex. But it is also something that who sufferer lives with a drama often incomprehensible to those around but affects any attempt of a pleasant relationship with others and generates negative thoughts and actions toward ourselves. The origins can be of the most varied, but the anxiety that caused the lack of self-esteem can only be solved if we expand our inner resources, to have faith and believe in our chances. Is to seek by all means emergency exits … that is always in our subconscious although consciously isn’t so obvious.


One of those emergency exits is knowing how to act intelligently. Know when to take out the courage hidden obscured by some real reasons but more for reasons that have penetrated deep into our minds. We must cultivate gradually, emotional relationships that give us more confidence. These relationships can even start with the love of a pet or growing flowers. For just as there are mechanisms “stressors” that paralyze us also there are mechanisms “motivators” that push us out of the cell. We are, often, a turn of the key to open the door of the cell where we are unjustly convicted. Fear itself can be a trauma, but rethink and dramatize the traumatic events and make a positive approach to new learning is not reliving the traumatic, on the contrary, it is to seek the light that shows us where the exit might be. It is nothing more – and nothing less, again -, that getting out of ourselves winning a fight against our own self, knowing that we have the tools in ourselves and what we need is knowledge, power, wanting to activate them … using without fear, all the mechanisms that although they may seem the opposite of a clinical or psychological test, in an existential experiment developed by ourselves. Just as we are what we are and we become better than we were: Making a renewed self, creative and strong, capable of letting behind the worst fears within all possible fears, the one of oneself. Our mind is infinitely flexible and responsive to stimuli renewed. But we should encourage, nurture, test and implement the heroism of improving ourselves despite, precisely, ourselves.

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  • Jorge

    I have been experiencing unexpected very good events in just 20 days hearing the audio. thank you very much!

  • Daiana

    Thank you!!! Listening this audio is so cool… Total relaxation… I listened it a week ago… And today start mi own business. Everything is working fine, lot of sales. The changes all depends on you. Thank you so much it makes me feel happy.

  • Mark

    it worked for me! thhank you so much !